Сñֱ Announces New 10mm EcoGlass™ Line

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New product line clearly reduces environmental impact

We are proud to announce a new line of 10mm textured EcoGlass™. These precision rolled decorative glass patterns contain 40 to 50 percent recycled glass, dramatically expanding the choices of sustainable, design-forward architectural glass.

Manufactured by Glasfabrik Lamberts in Europe’s only clean-burning oxygen/fuel-fired cast glass furnace, EcoGlass contains a minimum 15 percent pre-consumer glass cullet and 25 to 35 percent post-consumer recycled glass. EcoGlass represents the highest-quality product manufactured within the strictest environmental requirements, enabling the design community to make environmentally responsible choices.

EcoGlass™ “Cast” Textured Glass

EcoGlass™ “Cast” textured, recycled architectural glass

EcoGlass has excellent daylighting qualities and is available in 10 textures, offering varying degrees of privacy. The glass can be supplied in combination with custom color interlayers, color coatings, or digital printing for decorative facades, interior feature walls, partitions and backsplashes. Installation is quick and easy with our patented Z-KISS™ and TurnKey™ fastening systems.

The 10mm thick EcoGlass can be tempered, making it budget-friendly and eliminating the need for more costly lamination. The glass is also perfectly suited for both framed and frameless shower enclosures in health care, hospitality, and residential applications. Patterns range from linear to organic, providing a variety of choice when determining the level of privacy required.

EcoGlass Gothic Glass Rendering

EcoGlass “Gothic” glass shower enclosure.

We stock, temper and fabricate EcoGlass at our New Jersey manufacturing facility. Health Product Declarations (HPDs) are available for EcoGlass in tempered, laminated, digitally-printed and color coated forms.

“We recognized the demand for enviro-friendly architectural glass with clearly identifiable green attributes and collaborated with our long-time partner, Glasfabrik  Lamberts to bring EcoGlass to market,” Сñֱ President Donald Jayson said. “From manufacture to installation, our EcoGlasses are exceptionally green and contribute to a project’s aesthetics and sustainability.”

For more information about our environmentally friendly glass and Building a Clear Future sustainability program, please visit /sustainability/


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