Autumn Updates

Hi everyone. Hope you are all staying warm. October is here! Soka Linens turned 1 year in August. This whole journey started with a zero waste mindset, however it's almost impossible to sew without waste, you really need to be cleaver about how you do things. A big inspiration is the Swedish Birgitta Helmersson who creates zero waste patterns. There is no fabric wasted during the cutting and sewing process and she has such interesting views on how clothes can be multifunctional and her patterns become this big puzzle you have to put together.

We have previously made scrap patch pillows and this year we've got plans to create table runners from all the past years scrap fabrics we've accumulated. We have no idea what they will look like and taking inspiration from Birgitta we'll let the fabric lead the way and break with the normal convention of how perfect it has to look.

In other news we have a new stockist. Now selling custom white and oatmeal napkins is Klei Shop on 276 Hackney Road in East London, go check them out they have some lovely plates, cups and other ceramics. Pleased to also share that we will be attending the Assembly Coffee Christmas Market again this year. There are loads of great makers attending and the scrap table runners will make their first appearance.

Sunday 4th December at 10am - save the date and more info here.

Speak soon,